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A Brief History of Thom

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Hello and welcome to this blog. My name is Thom Golub but the website name is Thom as Fred. What's up with this? Well, a couple things. Firstly, "Thom Golub" has been a professional bassist and composer for over 20 years. I have loved it and learned so much. But... as I wound past the twenty year mark I found being a musician (a side person, specifically) for hire to be wearing on me. And likely vice versa!

I have to take about a forty year step back... for just a minute here. I began musical life when I was seven or eight taking piano lessons. Where I kind of liked the piano as an instrument, lessons at this point weren't really my thing. In fact, truth be told, piano was not my thing. I wanted to play drums from the age of about three. This was my first long term project: convincing my understandably unwilling parents that I wanted a real drum set. Not a paper headed variety from Sears or Consumers Distributing - a real working drum kit. Six years later they finally caved (or that's my side of the story) and I began the musical journey that took me from drums to guitar to bass and back again.

So Thom as Fred is my song-writing name. It contains my name, my dad's name and my mom's initials (with her maiden name). I also really love Joan as Police Woman so there is a nod to her and one day I may have golden grooves like she does.

I started playing guitar more avidly recently, when I concurrently started to learn to sing and play songs that I grew up on. At this time I started studying slide or bottleneck guitar styles as well. Twenty years before this I did try to delve into both songwriting and slide guitar. I was way too self conscious for singing my songs back then. And knowing how to intonate the slide and also grasp open tunings that slide players typically use was simply beyond me at that stage of my life. I think I really needed to play bass for a lot of people and write 'serious music' for twenty some years just to be able to properly understand music and the way I'd like to present it.

Does that seem like a brief history?

Photo courtesy of Rob Thompson

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