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Trumpeting the virtues...

Meet Eric Weiden, world class trumpeter, composer and all round lovely human.

He’s the person who recorded my album. Eric’s had experience recording my good friend Robin Hunter (Imagineers, Robin Hunter & the Six Foot Bullies) out in Vancouver as well as assisting Craig Schumacher with some Howe Gelb and Calexico projects, when he lived in Tucson for a spell.

I have a good professional history with Eric. We co-founded The Improvised Network together with Lane Arndt and David Hoyle. That group put out a CD per week for around a year and mounted two improvised music festivals. Eric and I were part of a great jazz and improv writing project headed up by Dave Wall with JC Jones named Chamber Graffiti. https://open.spotify.com/album/7kYiL3XEYfXgalhswDkh2O?si=_UA8H1_pTKuOdX6Rtm0fKg

We we also lived in the same musician crammed apartment building for a few years. Good times!

About a decade passed and, having visited Eric and his wife, Beth, with my family in their Burnaby home a few years back, I had the thought that Eric would be a really great person to ask to participate in a songwriter recording project. When he moved back to Edmonton this winter (brrr), the timing seemed right to do just that.

The results are better than I expected and I honestly expected a lot. He made the process of recording comfortable - I was able to sing and play all but one of the album tracks live, and that because of a production decision to line things up to a click track. Kept me honest and in tune (as is possible with me) and had great musical suggestions when needed. I’d often get a Dropbox file in the morning with a completely produced track - something Eric would be inspired by in the song would drive him to pull an all nighter and come up with a complete arrangement. He also worked tirelessly through the mix process, refining them, listening and tweaking - sometimes completely revamping the mixes from the beginning, when he figured it was needed. Above and beyond! But then, I may have slipped him a copy of Daniel Lanois's autobiography at some point during the process. No ulterior motive meant. Really.

I absolutely will enlist this guy's services again in the future. If you're looking for a trumpet player, arranger, bass player, pedal steel player, guitarist, keyboardist,sound engineer or producer - or all of the above - check him out: http://www.ericweiden.com

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